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Hi!  I'm Sally Nauss and I work with Business Owners to TAKE BACK CONTROL of their business and their life. Many business owners start their business with passion and a purpose but somewhere along the way they get stuck. I help business owners get unstuck by letting go of the BUSYNESS and freeing you up so you can work ON your business. 

Explore a smarter way to grow your business 

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Proactive Coaching Based on:

  • Accountability - not academic theory.  When you follow the steps, you achieve results
  • Measurement - Get clear on where you are and how your growing
  • Personal Support - as a team we'll work together with a mutual commitment to your success


Owning your own business can feel like jumping out of an airplane and assembling the parachute on the way down.  Our customized coaching will help you create focus and hold yourself and your employees accountable.  

Facilitation using the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) method creates a cycle of  innovation throughout the entire organization.  By bringing the whole system together and asking strength-based questions, the organization will begin seeing transformation from the first session. 

Go from doing it alone to learning from other business owners who have been there and done that.  This is for business owners who want a dedicated peer group to share ideas and move their business forward.  

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