Because hope is not a strategy, SAN Coaching will help you create and implement systems for every part of your business.  Most business owners start a business to enjoy freedom — setting their own hours, taking vacations with their family, and financial freedom — only to find they never see their family, they work all the time, and they’re putting in to the business more than they’re taking out.

Sally Nauss, owner of SAN Coaching, has built the framework to jump start your systems.  She has worked for large corporations in the IT, Operations, Sales, and Marketing Departments.  When she left her corporate job, she started a fitness business training runners and triathletes which led to purchasing a women’s only fitness center.

Much like running a marathon, business takes steady daily action and a commitment to do the work necessary to reach your goals.

Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going.  Jim Ryun

When you start your business, your energy is soaring.  Every day is exciting and you don’t have a moment to stop and think about what’s next — selling and delivering are taking up your day.  But soon you hit a plateau and need to hire an assistant or a sales person, find a new source for production or produce proposals and invoices for your customers.  This is where you’ll realize habits and systems become important.

Developing and implementing business systems is the way to grow your business to the next level.  Once you have the systems in place, everyone in your company knows what they’re responsible for and knows how to do their job.  You can work on the right things for the business and hold people accountable to their area of expertise.

About Sally

Sally Nauss is a Chicago based business coach.  The focus of her practice is helping small business owners create leverage through systems, alignment, and accountability.  She helps leaders articulate a vision for their business provides the tools and templates to make their vision a reality. An avid runner and triathlete, she is passionate about having not only a strong bottom line but also a strong body and mind. Sally is a certified life coach and behavioral change specialist and uses these experiences to help business owners create positive, lasting results for their company and themselves.