Add some Spark to your 2019 plans

It's 4th of July week and as I'm writing this I'm watching my neighbors load up the car with a cooler, backpacks, and the family headed for a weeklong get-away. (Yup, I work from home and spy on the neighbors!)

Nothing says freedom more than owning your own business. You get to set your own hours, decide what you'll work on and when, pick your perfect clients, spy on your neighbors...

Unfortunately, some business owners become disillusioned while trying to grow their business to 6-or even 7-figures per year. Maybe leads aren't coming in fast enough, or there are employee issues, or production problems are keeping them from realizing their goals.

Sometimes it feels like owning a ball and chain rather than a business.

And the prospect of freedom, opportunity, and abundance doesn't seem possible.


But having freedom in your business all comes down to the way you're running it... the stuff that happens "behind the scenes" when no one is looking.

Streamlining and systematizing your business processes is the key to creating true freedom in your business.

I know, there are a lot of things you have on your to-do list, a ton of ideas swirling around in your head, and the next shiny object, new technology, or interesting industry conference is right around the corner.

These things are taking up valuable time and energy and keeping you from your goals.

It is important to look at the things you do every day, week, month, and quarter. By knowing where you're spending your time, you'll start to see patterns and you might find some things you're spending the most time on is getting you very little reward.

Once you have the list of what you're working on, pull out your 2019 goals* and decide what things you're doing that get you closer to your goal (CONTINUE), what things are busy work that distract from your goals (STOP or DELEGATE), and what are you missing that will get you where you want to be (START.)

This exercise should be liberating because it gets everything out of your brain and onto paper. It gives you permission to stop some of the things that have become habit and are no longer serving you and your business. It will also give you an idea of what things you need to start doing so you can finish 2019 with goals reached.

This list will probably be pretty long and that's totally normal. It's just information that will help you get better.

As the second half of 2019 is upon us, it's time to re-focus, re-engage, and re-commit to your 2019 goals.

Once you know the things you need to start / stop / continue for 2019, you can start creating systems for the repetitive tasks in your business so you can become more productive and not busier as you grow.

Knowing all the tasks you take on for your business is the first step to re-committing to your goals for this year --even if you're off-track right now. With extraordinary effort and unwavering commitment, there's still time to crush your goals for 2019.

If you want some accountability or to find out more about creating systems and processes for your business, SCHEDULE A CALL with me and find out if business coaching is right for you.

Build the right foundation in your business, even if you've been in business a while. You'll wonder how you ever ran without systems in place. You'll be running a well oiled FREEDOM MACHINE instead of embarking into a black hole of to-dos.

Have a wonderful 4th of July holiday!

*If you didn't set goals for 2019, take some time for that this week too. I'm sure it's in your head, get it on paper!

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