Your Business Vision

Systems to run your business seem to be the way to go and you want to create repeatable processes and for your company but, as the owner, you don’t know what to tackle first.  

And just when you figure our what you will do today and have your priorities set...

  • you get an e-mail from a client asking about your services and
  • a contractor texts you for a minute of your time and 
  • your employee needs your opinion on a marketing campaign and
  • ...

Think your plan for the day is out the door and everything you wanted to get done will have to wait until tomorrow?  

These urgent things come up every day but how important are they to growing your business?  

How important is it that you, the owner, handle each of them?

As the owner of your business, you want to it grow, but being stuck in the day to day grind of answering every e-mail when it comes in, checking texts as soon as you hear the buzz or see your phone light up, and being the bottle neck for every decision is not the best use of your time nor is it the path to growth.  

Have you ever heard the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  

So today, I challenge you to make a change in your normal routine and do something to start getting out of the habit of handling things as they come in.  

As the owner of your business, you need to focus on a few things; 

  • Company Vision
  • Company Growth
  • Government / Regulatory Compliance
  • Systems  

Holding the vision for your company is the owner’s responsibility -- YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

It’s your business and you have a unique way of thinking about it.  Only you know;

  • why you got into business in the first place
  • what your main products or services are
  • who your customers are
  • where the market is
  • revenue and profit goals this year, in 3 years, in 10 years  
  • how many employees you want if you even want employees

Have you taken the time to WRITE down your vision?  

I’m sure you’ve thought about where you want your business to go and grow and how much money you want to have and even if you want to be a private company or public corporation.  I’ve found that until I write it down I’m not emotionally tied to it and I get distracted.

Getting clear on your company's vision will help solidify what you should be working on and what you need to do.  When things start to get fuzzy and you’d rather be riding your bike than working (guilty!), having your vision document in front of you can help ground you.  

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to think about my company is to look at it 3 years from now.  When I do this, my first thought is how old I’ll be and after I get over that, I think about:

  • Revenue - what is my annual revenue
  • Profit - what amount of my annual revenue is profit
  • Customers - who, how many, and where 

Next I like to create a picture of my business in 3 years and picture what’s different.

⇰ Location - Where am I working, do we have multiple offices or distribution centers, what does the office look like  

⇰ Employees - how many employees and contractors support the business, what is the culture like

⇰ Customers - do we have many small clients, a few large clients, or a mix of both

⇰ Products and Services - are there new lines of business or revenue streams

By thinking about these 7 points and writing them down, you can start to create your business and align your daily tasks to what’s most important for you, as the owner, to be doing and what are the urgent but not important things that can wait until you finish the urgent and important.  

If you're struggling in your business and can't seem to get out of the urgent but not important, you need SYSTEMS. You're not alone, and I can help you create LEVERAGE in a BIG way.

Business Levers

Are you stuck in your business doing all the work and feeling like if you had a <JOB> at least you’d be making money?  

Owning a business is hard work and it’s not for the faint of heart.  

But, it’s also super fulfilling and a great way to have freedom -- freedom to set your own hours, freedom to spend time with your family, freedom to set your “salary”, freedom to do things your way.

There is a catch!  In order to have freedom, you need to have self-discipline AND create leverage.

Most business owners are self-disciplined.  They know what needs to be done in their business and they are able to get it done.  They create task lists, to-do lists, and personal lists and painstakingly check off each item as they finish it.  Business owners are great at getting stuff done.

But growing your business and your freedom also requires LEVERAGE.  

Remember high school physics?  

Leverage means to gain advantage through the use of a tool.  You can more easily lift a heavy object with the use of a lever rather than trying to lift it alone.  

In your business, SYSTEMS are the LEVERS that gives you an advantage. SYSTEMS in your business mean you can get more done with less effort. 

A system is a process, procedure or course of action designed to achieve a specific, consistent result.  Systems and processes are the building blocks for your company. Every part of your business can be managed, improved, and measured through the use of systems.  

I started my career in computer systems -- creating leverage through the use of computers to automate repeatable tasks in a fraction of the time.  Now I focus on creating efficient ways to streamline my business using automated, repeatable processes.

Do you have systems in place in your business for the things you do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?  

If not, are you wasting time doing things that are URGENT and NOT IMPORTANT?

The time you are wasting on Facebook or taking calls and responding to texts and e-mails is time that could be spent on growing your business -- like lead generation and selling.  

Creating “systems” for the things you do repeatedly in your business gives you the leverage to create freedom.  

Because all the money in the world doesn’t matter if you're overwhelmed, scattered, and unavailable and don’t have the energy (physical or emotional) to spend quality time with the people you like the most.   

Most business owners spend their time working HARD instead of working SMART.  

If you don’t have systems in your business right now, figure out which tasks are a priority AND needed in your business.  The systems that will create the most LEVERAGE in your business. And if you don’t know what it is, write down everything you do next week from scheduling meetings, tracking financials, paying bills, posting to social media, writing content, sending e-mails…

Once you look at all the tasks you’re doing, you’ll realize 99% of the tasks are things you need to do again -- the things you need to systematize.  

I would love to hear what systems do you need to create in your business.  Leave a comment below.  


P.S. If you're struggling in your business and can't seem to get out of the urgent but not important, you need SYSTEMS. You're not alone, and I can help you create LEVERAGE in a BIG way.

Making Your Small Business the Key to Your Big Life

Can a Small Business Owner have a  Big Life?

Without a doubt! I’ve not only made it work for me – I’m totally committed to making it work for YOU!

I bring more than 25 years of business experience to my platform as a Business Accountability Coach. I started in big league corporate America and adapted my expertise into success as a small business entrepreneur.

Although the path hasn't been straight and I’ve faced many detours along the way, where I find myself today is right where I'm meant to be.

Let me share some insights from my story – and what that can mean for you.

After graduating from college my only goal was getting a job with a big company.  I was eager to move up the corporate ladder, and someday, to run the company. So many had gone before me I could clearly see the route.

Getting the job and moving up the ladder came easy to me, but the farther up I got, the more things didn't feel right. During my corporate career, I had dipped my toes in the waters of business ownership. I ran my own retail coffee house and also coached runners and triathletes.  At some point my path became overgrown with corporate politics and misaligned values. Finally, I overcame my fears and anxiety. I took the road less travelled and left the corporate safety net.  

A women's fitness boot camp was my first solo venture.  I loved meeting new people, educating them about all things healthy, and watching their bodies transform while their confidence soared. Passionate about fitness and the impact I was having, two years after my first boot camp session I became the proud owner of a 12,000 square foot women's fitness center.

In hindsight, purchasing the fitness center was the easy part. It was an established business. The woman managing the facility loved organization, process and systems as much as I did. I believed I was walking into a turnkey operation.

Easy, Peasy... right?

Totally wrong! Fitness soon became secondary to most other facets of the business including things I didn't know and moving parts I couldn’t account for. In addition to sales, marketing, employees, schedules, payroll, and finances, I had to quickly learn general maintenance, heating, cooling and plumbing. I felt myself steering off course.

I relied on Business coaches, Accelerator programs, Local Chambers, Business Associations, Fitness Mastermind groups, and other business owners for help and advice on running the business.  I had a full team of associates, fitness and nutrition professionals, and therapists, to help execute my complex operations.

But it was the concrete advice I got from professional coaches that helped me thrive.

I came to see my role in the business, and in the community, in a bigger, clearer way. I learned how to run a company that formerly had been running me.

In the fall of 2017 my lease was up and my new landlord, a big corporate entity, confronted me with a 70% rent increase! My space was prime real estate in our small community and their plan was to move me out and move a national chain in.  I couldn't sell memberships or personal training fast enough to make up the difference. 

I had to close the doors.

But that vivid experience opened new doors. I tapped into my bigger vision – and calling. 

I started sharing the skillsets I’ve gained through the years to ease the way for other entrepreneurs who understand the importance of owning the business without having it own them.

That’s what I know and what I can show you. My strategies sidestep the busyness of spinning your wheels at work yet not getting enough done. Join me in fulfilling your own vision through strategies that stimulate growth, sales and solid success!

Here's to your success!