What are your summer plans?

This is one of my favorite questions to ask business owners.  It gives insight into what's important to them -- beach, mountains, driving cross-country in an RV -- and it also tells me a bit about their business.  

Some business owners won't get away this summer because the business needs them.  Others will leave for weeks at a time and have an entire summer of fun planned with family and friends.  

The owners not getting away for some much needed R&R, and the ones who probably need it the most(!), are worried if they leave the business for more than few days, everything will fall apart. 

Your Business Vision

Systems to run your business seem to be the way to go and you want to create repeatable processes and for your company but, as the owner, you don’t know what to tackle first.  

And just when you figure our what you will do today and have your priorities set...


Business Levers

Are you stuck in your business doing all the work and feeling like if you had a <JOB> at least you’d be making money?  

Owning a business is hard work and it’s not for the faint of heart.  

But, it’s also super fulfilling and a great way to have freedom -- freedom to set your own hours, freedom to spend time with your family, freedom to set your “salary”, freedom to do things your way.

There is a catch!  In order to have freedom, you need to have self-discipline AND create leverage.


Making Your Small Business the Key to Your Big Life

Can a Small Business Owner have a  Big Life?

Without a doubt! I’ve not only made it work for me – I’m totally committed to making it work for YOU!

I bring more than 25 years of business experience to my platform as a Business Accountability Coach. I started in big league corporate America and adapted my expertise into success as a small business entrepreneur.

Although the path hasn't been straight and I’ve faced many detours along the way, where I find myself today is right where I'm meant to be.

Let me share some insights from my story – and what that can mean for you.