Business Coaching

Owning a business can be incredibly rewarding and it can also be overwhelming and complicated at times.  Having a business coach who is on your side will help you reconnect to your vision and move forward with energy and confidence. 

A coach will act as a guide in helping your discover the next right steps and "free up time" to work on the important things to grow your business.  Letting go of your "busyness" and allowing yourself to work ON your business takes guts, discipline, and vision and a profound appreciation of the "F" word -- FOCUS.

As your accountability coach, I am on your team working with you and for you in a number of significant ways including:

  • Identify strategies to generate faster results
  • Create systems for all areas of your business
  • Develop a road map based on your vision and goals
  • Determine strategies to turn your business into an asset working for you
  • Pinpoint time wasting obstacles in your way
  • Hone your focus on time-management, energy, and focus
  • Guide you to experiencing the quality of life you've always wanted

My approach is different from any coaches or courses you've taken in the past because it's based on:


Not academic theory. When you follow the steps, you achieve you business goals.  It's that simple


See our sales, growth, credibility and other rewards as they progress

Personal Support

We'll work as a team based on mutual commitment to your success

If you're ready to change your business and your life, schedule a break-thru call with me, Sally Nauss to see if we can work well together.  As an expert in streamlining business processes, managing workflows and systems, and setting you up for success so you can focus on your business growth.

On this call we'll review your current business and discuss areas needing improvement.

This call will be our first step in building a coaching relationship and you'll experience first hand how a coach can be a positive addition to your life. There is no commitment to go any further than this call.  

During this call:

  1. We'll get acquainted!  Find out if we're a good match for one another and decide next steps.
  2. I'll ask questions and get clarification of your vision, needs, and expectations.
  3. We'll discuss tactics used by successful, well known businesses and tips you can implement quickly to successfully grow your business.

Once you click the I'm ready button below, you get a link to my calendar.  Pick a time that works for you.  Please make sure your schedule is clear once you accept a date and time as I only accept 10 break-thru calls each month.  And be sure to fill out the quick questionnaire you'll receive so I know a little bit about you and your business before we get on the call.  

Schedule your call today and take control of your future!