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Add some Spark to your 2019 plans

It's 4th of July week and as I'm writing this I'm watching my neighbors load up the car with a cooler, backpacks, and the family headed for a weeklong get-away. (Yup, I work from home and spy on the neighbors!)

Nothing says freedom more than owning your own business. You get to set your own hours, decide what you'll work on and when, pick your perfect clients, spy on your neighbors...

Unfortunately, some business owners become disillusioned while trying to grow their business to 6-or even 7-figures per year. Maybe leads aren't coming in fast enough, or there are employee issues, or production problems are keeping them from realizing their goals.

Sometimes it feels like owning a ball and chain rather than a business.

And the prospect of freedom, opportunity, and abundance doesn't seem possible.